Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scenes from an Antiques and Garden Show

For the second year, my friend Carla and I went to the Garden and Antiques show here in Nashville. This is a total paradise, and of course we walk around oohing and ahhing and taking picture after picture. I'm glad I had a budget; at one point, Mr. Calm texted me: "Buy anything you want." Uh, really, Mr. Calm? You sure you mean that? ;) Had I followed that advice, Mr. Calm would have come home and promptly keeled over.

"Floating" (21/365)

I think this is a great shop display.  Tiny little bees, with a few frogs and dragonflies thrown in.

I did buy this, minus the droopy rununculus.

Isn't her face beautiful?

I got one of these, too, although you can't see the owl I got.  He's now on the porch with my other birds.


I'm regretting not getting these vases...

...and this portly little pig.

We love this show, although we were one of the woefully underdressed (lots of dresses and heels abound).  Thanks go to Carla for helping me carry my heavy yard ornaments to my car.  I'm sure you'll see those later in the year in a picture or two. :)


  1. The first photo is super cool! And I love the little piggies.

  2. Love the Floating tree and the owl you got!