Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Calgon Would Be Better

Yeah, I said sometimes the pictures would be mundane. ;)

My life right now: a naproxen a day just so I can work and type.  The pain in my thumbs has spread across my hands.  I was so intent on making bigger batches of inventory that I wrapped labels around probably a hundred tubes; now I'm paying for it.  But I absolutely refuse to allow my carpal tunnel to make me give up yet one more thing I love doing.  I've got enough brains to figure out easier ways to make and package my lip scrubs, like "dipping" the tubes into the scrubs, and using a food processor to mix them.  I'm considering hiring OD to come over once a week and wrapping labels...

I realized yesterday that I've lived with daily pain for about seventeen years now.  Either tendonitis in my elbows, or bursitis in my knees, or Achilles heels, or carpal tunnel.  I thank God exercising actually eliminates the Achilles heel pain.  I don't know if it makes me strong or stupid to go through all this with almost no pain relief.

"At Least I'm Not Doping" (17/365)


  1. My guy has carpel tunnel. He loves rock climbing, which makes some problems for him and his carpel tunnel! He has some sort of device he uses for wrist strengthening exercises in the hope they'll help, but he doesn't really expect it to ever really improve. Best of luck with yours!

  2. Daily pain is no fun at all! But I admire you for pushing through and not letting it stop you from doing what you love.
    I have bursitis in one of my hips that comes and goes. I can't seem to figure out what's causing it! But I know I'm not staying on those anti-inflammatories they gave me...I don't like pills either.