Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Pizza

Yesterday was the day we usually go to the art crawl, but I am so sick of being cold (despite how much I love snow) that I asked Mr. Calm if we could just shine that on and find a new pizza place to try out.  We found a place with a 96% rating on Urbanspoon, and yes, the reviews were spot-on: really good pizza, and great service.

We started out with some cheese bread, which was delicious.

"Yumminess" (15/365)

After, we went home and watched "The Paperboy".  I highly recommend this twisted little movie.  It was nice to see so many good actors in top form (Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, and John Cusack in a really surprising role).  The only drawbacks were that Kidman and Efron's Southern accents weren't up to snuff, and Nicole Kidman is looking a little too plastic nowadays.  Actually, it might have been the character styling, but it was distracting.


  1. Pizza and a movie...sounds like the perfect night to me :)

  2. Pizza is totally one of my favorite foods. I wish there was a new great pizza place near me!

  3. Love pizza! I had it for Super Bowl dinner tonight!
    Anything with Matthew McConaughey has got to be good!

  4. I agree with Sarah! I'm a big Matthew McConaughey fan.
    We haven't done pizza in awhile. That looks SO-ooo good!

  5. I haven't heard of that movie, but good pizza is one of my favorite things. And now I'm hungry. :-)