Monday, February 11, 2013

Hands Suck...

...when they don't work very well. this is my life right now: on fish oil, and glucosamine/chondroitin; resting at times, not doing anything at all; wrapping my right hand at night, and dipping my hands in melted paraffin wax in the morning and at night (see below). this is the worst my hands have ever been, and it's reduced me to tears every day for the last week.

add to that how i unexplainedly jumped in the search listings and had a huge influx of orders over the last two days and i've been packing up and remaking stuff non-stop, and i'm one drained woman. don't get me wrong-- i love the orders and making money, but when you're hurting badly, it's hard to focus.

 i'm also starting acupuncture as soon as i can get into the place. wish me luck that it works. here are my hands after the paraffin dries. lovely, huh? i learned quickly that i need more wax in the container (an *approved* container-- i didn't melt candles in a pot!).

"mummified" (23/365)

and no, i shouldn't really be typing much.  i'm trying to get around to the blogs i read, and i want to keep up my photo a day, but to all of my blogosphere and etsy team friends: please don't think i'm ignoring you.  i'm just trying the best i can right now, and trying to prioritize.

please think good thoughts that something starts working for me.  i realized the other day that with all my various ailments, it's been a rare day that i haven't been in pain for seventeen years.  i just want to feel better.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yesterday, I really wanted to put some flowers in the little milk bottles I bought at the garden and antiques show...

"A Little Happy Place" (22/365)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scenes from an Antiques and Garden Show

For the second year, my friend Carla and I went to the Garden and Antiques show here in Nashville. This is a total paradise, and of course we walk around oohing and ahhing and taking picture after picture. I'm glad I had a budget; at one point, Mr. Calm texted me: "Buy anything you want." Uh, really, Mr. Calm? You sure you mean that? ;) Had I followed that advice, Mr. Calm would have come home and promptly keeled over.

"Floating" (21/365)

I think this is a great shop display.  Tiny little bees, with a few frogs and dragonflies thrown in.

I did buy this, minus the droopy rununculus.

Isn't her face beautiful?

I got one of these, too, although you can't see the owl I got.  He's now on the porch with my other birds.


I'm regretting not getting these vases...

...and this portly little pig.

We love this show, although we were one of the woefully underdressed (lots of dresses and heels abound).  Thanks go to Carla for helping me carry my heavy yard ornaments to my car.  I'm sure you'll see those later in the year in a picture or two. :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Yum Yums Chase the Blues Away

Mr. Calm is away until tomorrow night takin' care of business, so I'm alone and a little blue that my honey isn't around. YD, who is driven to become the next Cupcake Queen, came over with Hot Cocoa Cupcakes. Although I still miss my honey, these were tasty.

"Hot Cocoa Cupcakes" (20/365)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Secret of My Success

Everyone has a base point, or a secret, that they start out with that ends up making a fantastic product. It might be a piece of wood, or a skein of yarn... mine is five basic ingredients measured, melted, hardened, and mixed.

So, for all of you who've enjoyed my lip scrubs, or those of you just curious, here it is in its natural state before flavor and colors are added.

"Master Mix" (19/365)

Not much to look at, huh?  But it makes such a wonderful product.  I'm very proud of how I, a non-chemist kinda person, was able to think up this recipe.  I make up a huge batch and store it in a plastic container, and take out four ounces at a time to make into things like Pink Icing, Choc•O•Rama, or Margarita.  Making such a huge master batch is such a timesaver, as I run out of a few flavors each week.

What helps your business run smoothly, or smoother?  And is there one special thing that all your creations grow from?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Got it at Goodwill

I have to admit, I'm not good at getting deals. I didn't inherit my mom's mad skilz, nor did I pick anything up from my MIL. The closest I got was back when I was 25 and saw an old wooden medicine cabinet out at the curb on our street; I took it home, repainted it and added new knobs, and now I have the best damn spice cabinet on the planet.

A couple of months ago we went to Goodwill and found this for $14.99.  Yes, $14.99 for this 24-inch piece of mottled glass that has lights behind it.  I've seen pieces like this at IKEA... always wanted one, now I've got one. :)

What's the best deal you've found?

"Get it at Goodwill" (18/365)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Calgon Would Be Better

Yeah, I said sometimes the pictures would be mundane. ;)

My life right now: a naproxen a day just so I can work and type.  The pain in my thumbs has spread across my hands.  I was so intent on making bigger batches of inventory that I wrapped labels around probably a hundred tubes; now I'm paying for it.  But I absolutely refuse to allow my carpal tunnel to make me give up yet one more thing I love doing.  I've got enough brains to figure out easier ways to make and package my lip scrubs, like "dipping" the tubes into the scrubs, and using a food processor to mix them.  I'm considering hiring OD to come over once a week and wrapping labels...

I realized yesterday that I've lived with daily pain for about seventeen years now.  Either tendonitis in my elbows, or bursitis in my knees, or Achilles heels, or carpal tunnel.  I thank God exercising actually eliminates the Achilles heel pain.  I don't know if it makes me strong or stupid to go through all this with almost no pain relief.

"At Least I'm Not Doping" (17/365)