Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why I Don't Package Orders in the Morning...

Venus is the reason I package orders at night instead of in the morning now. I'm the Designated Cat Letter-Inner, and she doesn't let me forget it. Repeatedly. Every. Single. Day.
"Let Me In!" (7/365)

I love her dearly, but wouldn't it be nice if cats (especially the ones who like to talk) had a little switch that you could turn off from time to time?


  1. Huskies like to 'talk,' so I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I find myself saying "I love you guys but please shut up!!"

  2. Haha yes, it would be nice to have that switch sometimes!

  3. Aww! Venus is so cute! Tux doesn't talk, but he chirps.

  4. Awww!!
    Same here - I have two outdoor kitties (used to be feral) who come every morning. I entertain them for about an hour every morning, every day :)

  5. So cute! And yes, I agree about the switch, that would be nice! :)