Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lip Scrubs A Go-Go

For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath about how I store my lip scrubs, here you go:

"Crowd" (10/365)

That's pretty much it: in a cardboard box. And now the box is full, so I have to start a new box.  Lots of pretty colors, huh?

And there are four new flavors of lip scrubs in my shop this week, which now has over 100 products.  100!!

"Apple Pie"

"Blue Raspberry"

The next two are already at Lalalita Body Co:


"Root Beer" (my favorite soda)

After these are set up in my shop, I'll be introducing their matching lip balms.  And then it'll be a little while before I introduce any new flavors (unless I do the mad scientist thing again and make my own), because I promised myself that I'd dial back my addiction to buying scents/flavors and only do it once a month.  Well... we'll see how that works out. ;)


  1. Mmmm...apple pie and root beer sound yummy!
    I bet its fun to store these so you can look at all the fun colors together :)

  2. That box of wares looks really cool! I understand about buying new things. I don't get flavors all the time, but I kind of have a metal/wire problem.

  3. Ooooh, so tasty! I like the sound of apple pie and margarita.

  4. Congrats on reaching 100 items!!

    That blue raspberry looks really tempting! (My favorite Popsicle flavor.)

    I have the same problem with buying new fabric. Some years I have given up buying new fabric during Lent. (Not workable with the Etsy shop, but I will resolve to use more scraps.) This year I'm going to try to keep my Diet Coke consumption down to 1 can per day during Lent. My hubby is worried, very, very worried, about how that will go!

  5. They look pretty in the box :)
    Apple pie...yummy!
    Congrats on the 100 items! I'd be happy to get my stock up to 60 ;-)

  6. great sounding names - maybe they would help for someone dieting... {:-D

  7. All of your flavors sound yummy!

  8. They look so pretty! I agree - the flavors sound lucious.

  9. From the top of your box, your scrubs look more like candies--tasty, either way! Root beer is my favorite soda flavor, too. Congrats on hitting 100 items in your shop. May your scrubs fly out real quickly in the form of sales!