Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clowder and Murder and... Hardees

A group of crows is called a murder. A group of cats is a clowder. What do you call a group of old men that gather at Hardee's?

Breakfast Will Keep Us Together (4/365)

It's not a singular phenomenon, nor is it indigenous to one area.  Every Hardee's I've been to (and in your area, it may be called Carl Jr.'s) seems to have one big corner set aside for the over-sixty-five set.  I remember once several years ago walking into the midst of them and getting several looks that screamed, "What are YOU doing here?"

Yes, I'm making fun.  But it's also nice.  Perhaps in 20 years Mr. Calm and I will be able to sit closer and fit in.


  1. LOL :) We have this at our local Burger King :)

  2. We have this at a café in my small town too! haha.