Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mrs. Grumpypants

I have been Mrs. Grumpypants the past few days. Call it hormonal, call it a certain misalignment of the planets, but until yesterday evening, I was in a foul mood. Some things that can lift my spirits, get me into a better mood:

•Chocolate (see below)
•America's Funniest Home Videos/Impractical Jokers/Community
•My husband dancing for me

What gets you out of a funk?


  1. Glad you're feeling better :) Chocolate can fix a lot!
    I like to relax in a hot bath with a cold glass of wine :)

  2. Chipotle chili chocolate?? I'm intrigued:) I'm also a fellow AFV watcher and agree that it is totally uplifting! Glad to hear that you are feeling better now!

  3. The chocolate looks really good! I hope that you're doing better now.

  4. That chocolate is intriguing! Chocolate does wonders for my moods and so does a day trip to the ocean or a hike in the forest. Oh and of course kitties! :)

  5. Too funny that chocolate has come to everyone's minds as a mood-lifter. Same for me! Combine chocolate with hazelnuts, and I'm a dancing fool. :-)

  6. Chocolate can certainly go a long way towards lifting one's spirits. I like looking at crafty things or taking photos with my camera.