Monday, October 29, 2012


I keep forgetting to mention that YD's boyfriend was in his very first group art show several weeks ago. We (and his mom and stepdad) went downtown to support him. The group that put on the show has an annual fundraiser, and it's called "Glow". Every piece entered has to glow under a black light in some way or another. It's a pretty cool show. And I should add, YD's situation is sort of hilariously like "out of the frying pan and into the fire". She grows up with a mom who's an artist... and then falls in love with an artist. Har har har! Well, at least he's calmer than me. There's a reason we say that I'm the Drama Mama to Mr. Calm. ;)

Here's T. in his volunteer position at the front doors, handing out flyers to passersby:

And here's his art.  I forget the title... and I'm the one who suggested it to him! :/  But it's very good.  His style is like mine, with the decoupaging drawings onto canvasses, but it's also 3D.

And here I am.  I'd had NO idea my dress would look like this under a black light.  Pretty cool, huh?

T. didn't sell his piece-- no one did that night (so it's pretty good that there was a cover charge to get in, or NO fundraising would have happened).  I told him these shows were like that, and to not get discouraged if he didn't sell.  He was so nervous before the show that he couldn't even eat dinner at the restaurant we went to beforehand.  I think with encouragement, and more shows, it'll get a lot easier for him as time goes by. :)


  1. I enlarged his artwork to see all the details -- love the butterfly! Artists of all types get nervous -- it's always scary to put your work out for everyone to see! I hope he keeps at it!

  2. What a fun theme for an event! We've all had shows where nothing sells, so make sure he sticks with it and knows not all shows are like that :)

  3. I guess any artist would be scared at his/her first show! Love that his artwork is 3D.
    Your dress looks really cool :)

  4. you're a good support and I'm sure he appreciated it. What a wild theme! Did all the clothing have to glow too? LOL {:-D

  5. That sounds like such a fun event!
    Selling art can be quite difficult. I hope he perseveres!

  6. Great event! Too bad that nothing sold! I hope he keeps up his spirits!