Thursday, September 27, 2012

Make it Pretty!

Do you like pretty things? That's sort of a "well, DUH!" question, isn't it? I like to make orders a little "prettier" than they already are when I ship them off. With dolls, it's a bit of wrapping in colored tissue paper, and a name tag, usually. With my Lalalita products, it's also tissue paper, and raffia.

Here are sugar scrubs, awaiting shipment last week. Instead of shrink bands, I use colorful deco tape to seal my jars and bottles.

And Pink Icing lip scrub that went out yesterday. Kind of reminds me of an oversized Tootsie Roll ;):

I feel that "decorating" my products for shipping adds just a little more to what is hopefully a pleasurable customer experience. Do you do anything special for shipping?


  1. Love it! The lip scrub is my favorite :)
    I always send a handwritten note with each order.

  2. Those look very sweet :) I love receiving prettily packaged items in the mail!

  3. They look so great- simple, but great! I really enjoy shipping products. I always gift wrap them too, I think it makes it more fun for customers to open them!

  4. Your products look great! I include a shop sticker on my jewelry boxes and then tie them with ribbons.

  5. Those look great! I like to dress things up as well - I will doodle some patterns on the envelope, and I always include a little thank you card with a doodle. :)

    ps: I am your newest follower & fellow BBA team mate

  6. Love that tissue with the polka dots! I like to dress mine up with tissue and crochet cotton yarn, and a handwritten note on note cards that I have stamped with stamps that go with each of my shops. I like the idea of the customer opening a little gift inside that mailing box!